Fall Family Virtual SOAR

Beginning March 16, UNC Charlotte and the Office of New Student & Family Services are operating from remote locations until further notice. In order to receive a timely response from our staff, we ask that you email our team at soardos@uncc.edu and include your name, 800/801 number, and needs. You will receive a response via phone or email as quickly as possible.


Parents and family members are critical in the success of their student’s transition to UNC Charlotte. Family Virtual SOAR is designed to introduce families to information and resources that will allow you to be the best support system for your students.

While SOAR is not mandatory for family members, you are highly encouraged to participate as the program offers a wealth of information. (Please note: While family member participation is not mandatory, student attendance is mandatory in order to be advised and register for their first semester.)​

To participate in the program, students should register their family members through the SOAR reservation system. Family members will be emailed more information on how to register for the Virtual SOAR modules after being added to their student’s reservation.

Please Note: There is no live component for families during SOAR. Families will complete the modules at their own pace and are welcome to join the SOAR Webinar Series for topic-specific sessions throughout the summer. SOAR Live is only for students.

Laptop Requirement for Students

All new students entering UNC Charlotte in fall 2020 will be required to have a personal laptop computer in order to access the audio, video and computing needs of their coursework. While we are committed to providing face-to-face instruction as much as possible during this pandemic, even in-person classes will require some remote learning in order to provide reduced classroom populations for social distancing. More online classes also will be offered this semester so students can minimize social exposure. To meet the laptop requirements, you can bring a laptop you already have, purchase a new laptop through the NinerTech Store or another vendor.


COVID-19 Response & Returning Campus 

Please review the below FAQs for the most up-to-date information regarding returning to campus and student health and safety.


Common Questions

Is it okay if my students doesn't have their immunization documents in time for SOAR?

Your student must submit their immunization records prior to the start of the academic year. Information on immunization requirements can be found at https://studenthealth.uncc.edu/immunizations.

How can my student change their date for SOAR?

Your student can change their reserved SOAR date by logging back in to the reservation system with their NinerNet username and password. Should they elect to change their reserved date, an applicable session change fee will apply.

What if my student doesn't have their final transcripts by their SOAR date? Will they still be able to register? 

We recommend that your student have their unofficial transcripts available for their SOAR Live session if they have not yet submitted their official transcripts. This information will allow advisors to provide your student with the most up-to-date recommendations on course sequencing for their major. While your student will be able to register for courses without submitting official transcripts, they may be limited from registering for courses for which their prerequisites have not been processed with their official transcripts.

My student paid the fee but their portal says they haven't, why does it say that? 

If the registration system is stating there is a pending payment, then there is still a payment due. If a payment attempt is made but the payment fails, this can show up as a pending payment within your students bank account. Please reach out to soardos@uncc.edu if your student has any payment questions. 

What does my student do if they can't attend? 

The SOAR program is required for all new students in order to receive academic advising and register for courses. SOAR Live sessions are available throughout the summer so that you can participate from any web-enabled computer, anywhere in the world! If your student has personal limitations that prevent them from completing their SOAR requirement, email soardos@uncc.edu with their name, 801#, and detailed information on why they are seeking a program exemption.

Why can't my student sign up for the specific day they want? 

Your student is able to see the SOAR Live dates available for which their college and major are advising. If they do not see a SOAR Live date in the reservation portal, this means that their college or major are not advising or that the session is full.

My student wants to change their major, can they do that at SOAR?

It is highly recommended that your student change their major as quickly as possible, and that they do so in advance of their SOAR session. Your student will complete academic requirements in the Pre-SOAR modules, prior to their SOAR Live date, so changing their major in advance ensures that they receive the correct advising information for their new major.

Why does my student have a hold? 

There are a few reasons that your student may have a hold on their account. If your student has a SOAR Hold or Advising Hold, these will be released during their SOAR Live session so that they can register for courses within the program.

If your student has an Undergraduate Admissions (UA) hold, they may need to submit additional documentation required by the University. Questions about UA holds can be directed to admissions@uncc.edu

Does it cost for my student to change their SOAR Live date after they've completed their reservation?

Yes, there is a $20 change fee required if your student has completed the reservation process and change their date.

My student can't get their modules to work.

If your student is having trouble logging in to Canvas, please make sure that they are logging in using their UNC Charlotte NinerNet login and password. 

If your student is having any issues with the Canvas system, please see the Canvas Support Page through Information Technology Services. 

If your student is having problems with their Pre-SOAR modules, please contact soardos@uncc.edu with information on what challenges they are experiencing.

If your student is having any issues with web conferencing during their SOAR Live session, see our Technology FAQs for more information.

My student is participating in UTOP, do they have to go to SOAR? 

Yes, the SOAR program is required for all new students. 

My student was admitted for summer half term two but there are no SOAR dates available anymore, what do they do? 

If your student is unable to get into sessions prior to the start of the second summer half term, please have your student email soardos@uncc.edu with their name, 801#, and a brief explanation of their needs.

Have questions? Do not hesitate to contact our office if we can be of any assistance with the transition process.

Email: soardos@uncc.edu

Phone: 704-687-5509