Technology FAQs

We are excited to welcome you to UNC Charlotte this summer via the Virtual SOAR experience. Everything you will need to be a part of Virtual SOAR can be found on Canvas for your session date course (e.g. Training - June 15 Transfer SOAR). Below are some troubleshooting tips if you are experiencing difficulties utilizing one of the three video conferencing tools (Zoom, Google Meet, and WebEx). If you are still experiencing trouble with a software please  email us at or call our office at 704-687-5509.

If you are experiening trouble the day of your session, please feel free to Google Chat us at You will need to be logged into your UNC Charlotte email for this to work. 

If you are experiencing general connectivity issues, try turning your camera off until the connection improves.

Set-up Your Zoom Account:

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your NinerNET credentials. This creates your account with UNC Charlotte. 

Accessing the Zoom Desktop and/or Mobile Application:

To see these instructions with screenshots, click here

  1. Download the Zoom application online or from your app store. Note: Make sure that the application is the most up-to-date version (5.4.2) as certain features are not available in previous versions. 
  2. When signing into the desktop or mobile app, select Sign In with SSO.
  3. Enter uncc in the Company Domain field and click Continue.
  4. You will be redirected to the University Single Sign On login - enter your NinerNET credentials.
  5. When logged in you will see your landing page.

Joining the Meeting

  • We highly recommend downloading the Zoom desktop application prior to your SOAR session.
  • If you are experiencing trouble joining the Zoom Meeting and/or Webinar, ensure that you are using the latest version (5.4.2+). If not, you will be prompted to update to the latest version.


  • As participants enter they will be muted automatically, so if you are experiencing issues make sure you are unmuted. Please Note: In webinars, attendees cannot unmute themselves unless it is done by the Host or Panelist.


  • If your video/camera is not working, make sure that all other programs that utilize the camera are not using the camera or are closed. This will be important when switching from different video conferencing platforms.

For more information and troubleshooting, please visit Zoom’s support page or UNC Charlotte’s FAQ page

Joining the Meeting

  • If the Google Meet session isn’t working, make sure you are logged into your UNC Charlotte Gmail account. Check this in the top right corner of your Gmail account.

Video & Audio Quality

  • If your video or audio quality is poor, bandwidth issues could be a major cause. Even if your video and audio seem fine, other meeting participants may have trouble hearing or seeing you.
  • Too many tabs and open applications can cause poor video quality.
  • Try closing non-essential tabs and any other apps.
  • Exit the video call and rejoin.


  • If other meeting participants are unable to hear you, make sure you are not muted or check to see if your microphone settings are turned on.
  • Some Mac computers might prevent you Google Meet from using the microphone. If this happens, go to Systems Preferences, click Security & Privacy, select Privacy, check Microphone, and check the box next to Google Chrome or Firefox.


  • If you are experiencing issues with your camera, check your site permissions in your browser to make sure you allow camera access to the site you want to use. 
  • Check the system settings on your computer to verify that Google Meet has acces to your camera.

For other troubleshooting help with Google Meet, visit Google Meet’s website.

We recommend downloading the Webex desktop application prior to your SOAR session.

  • If you do not have the Webex application, choose the “Join from browser” option after clicking on the meeting link. Make sure you are using a supported operating system and browser.

Joining the Meeting

  • To resolve the start/join issue:
    • Close all open web browsers.
    • Open a new browser and try to start/join the meeting again.
    • If you are still not able to start/join the meeting, clear the cache and cookies in your web browser.
  • For help on joining a Webex meeting, click here

Signing into Webex

  • For help Signing into Webex, click here
For other Webex troubleshooting tips, click here.