Fall First-Year Student Virtual Orientation

Beginning March 16, UNC Charlotte and the Office of New Student & Family Services are operating from remote locations until further notice. In order to receive a timely response from our staff, we ask that you email our team at soardos@uncc.edu and include your name, 800/801 number, and needs. You will receive a response via phone or email as quickly as possible.


Virtual SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration) is a mandatory online program that ensures that all new students have necessary information and resources to succeed in your transition to UNC Charlotte. The Virtual SOAR program consists of two parts: pre-SOAR modules and SOAR Live.

SOAR IS MANDATORY FOR ALL INCOMING STUDENTS: In order to register for your first semester of classes, all students must attend all components of the SOAR program. If a student fails to attend or participate in any of the elements of the program, they will be dismissed from their session and asked to attend another SOAR session to complete this requirement. 


PLEASE NOTE: If you receive the message “There is a problem with your student account that prohibits you from making a reservation," you likely have an Undergraduate Admissions hold. To remove this hold, please contact Admissions via phone at 704-687-5507 or via email at admissions@uncc.edu.

ACTIVATE YOUR NINERNET ACCOUNT: Before you proceed to reserve your SOAR session, you need to activate your NinerNET account at ninernet.uncc.edu. If you need assistance logging into your NinerNET account, please call IT Service Desk at: 704-687-5500, Option 2.

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COVID-19 RESPONSE & RETURNING TO CAMPUS: Please review the below FAQs for the most up-to-date information regarding returning to campus and student health and safety.


SOAR dates are available throughout the months of June, July, and August. Students may only attend a session if their major is available for academic advising. The SOAR reservation system only allows students to reserve sessions when their academic major is available. Please see the below dates and advisor availability chart to help identify the best available option for your family. The SOAR reservation system will open on May 1 for all available dates.

Sessions fill fast, so make sure you register for SOAR as soon as you can!

First-Year SOAR Advising Availability

Summer 2020 Sessions will be held on:

  • First-Year Session 1: Wednesday, June 17
  • First-Year Session 2: Thursday, June 18
  • First-Year Session 3: Wednesday, June 24
  • First-Year Session 4: Thursday, June 25
  • First-Year Session 5: Wednesday, July 8
  • First-Year Session 6: Thursday, July 9
  • First-Year Session 7: Wednesday, July 15
  • First-Year Session 8: Thursday, July 16
  • First-Year Session 9: Tuesday, July 21
  • First-Year Session 10: Wednesday, July 22
  • First-Year Session 11: Thursday, July 23
  • First-Year Session 12: Tuesday, July 28
  • First-Year Session 13: Wednesday, July 29
  • First-Year Session 14: Thursday, July 30
  • First-Year Session 15: Wednesday, August 25
  • First-Year Session 16: Thursday, August 26

New Student & Family Services works hard to keep our orientation fees as one of the lowest in the state of North Carolina. All fees can be paid via the student reservation system. Students are not officially registered for SOAR until the student program fee is paid.

First-Year Student Fee: $65
Fee covers technology (i.e. reservation system, virtual platforms) and staffing necessary for the program.

Parent/Family Member Fee: Complimentary 

Refunds: Requests for refunds may be submitted in writing five (5) business days in advance of the session. Refunds will not be granted for any reason after the five (5) business day timeline has expired. 

Special Notes:

  • Not all academic departments advise every session. Please have your student review First-Year SOAR Advising Availability (link) to confirm their major’s participation in a particular session.
  • Students are only able to reserve a SOAR session where academic advising is available for their major.
  • Should students need to change their major prior to registering for SOAR, contact the Office of Admissions at 704-687-5507 or at admissions@uncc.edu; the process may take several business days to complete.


Pre-SOAR Modules

After reserving your session date, students will be added to a SOAR Canvas course that includes the pre-SOAR modules. These are focused on providing an overview of academics and campus life, as well as an introduction to many campus resources. These modules also include important academic advising content that will be necessary to students’ success during SOAR Live on the date of their session.

Students are required to complete the pre-SOAR modules two business days prior to their session date. Students who fail to complete the modules will be unable to register for courses during SOAR Live.


On their reserved SOAR date, students will log back into their SOAR Canvas course to access the SOAR Live modules. Here, students will participate in three sessions related to their 49er experience:

  • Belonging: Students will meet virtually with an Orientation Counselor (OC) and other incoming students, where they will have an opportunity to learn about student life on campus and have their questions answered. Housing & Residence Life will also share information on campus living and community.
  • Financial Literacy: Niner Central will present to students on the responsibilities of being a student and strategies for successfully managing their finances.
  • Success: Students will hear from their academic college before completing their advising session, which will allow them to register for classes!

Please know that full participation in the SOAR Live program is required in order to register for classes. Should students miss any portion of the program, they will be required to attend another session and pay an applicable session change fee.

Additional Resources

The SOAR Canvas site will also include additional information on campus resources through the Virtual SOAR Bag and Virtual Resource Fair. These sections of the site include extra information for students to browse at their leisure to learn more about the wealth of support that they will have on campus and beyond.

Also, NSFS is hosting our SOAR Webinar Series on Fridays starting June 19. These sessions will be focused on different topics related to academics, campus life, and more and will provide an opportunity for students and families to learn more about campus and ask questions of students, faculty, and staff. A full listing of sessions will be available June 1 with more information on how to register and access recordings of previous sessions.

REMINDER: Students must attend every aspect of the SOAR program to complete advising and registration.

Changing Your Major

Should students need to change their major prior to registering for SOAR, contact the Office of Admissions at 704-687-5507 or at admissions@uncc.edu; the process may take several business days to complete.

Students with documented disabilities such as vision, hearing or mobility impairments, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), or learning disabilities that may require test accommodations should contact the Office of Disability Services at least one month in advance of attending SOAR by calling 704-687-0040 V/TDD. Students must provide disability documentation to the University in order to determine eligibility for services and appropriate accommodations. 

While there are no required tests that occur during SOAR, test accommodations, such as low distraction environment, extended test time, computer assistance, or enlarged print, must be requested one week in advance and must be appropriate for the documented disability for those students who wish to take the Foreign Language Placement Exam at their SOAR session.

Students who need sign language interpreters or materials in Braille should contact the Office of Disability Services at least one month in advance of attending SOAR. For more information check the Disability Services website or contact the Office of Disability Services via email or phone.

More information regarding these exams will be available in the SOAR Canvas course starting May 15.

All new students entering UNC Charlotte in fall 2020 will be required to have a personal laptop computer in order to access the audio, video and computing needs of their coursework. While we are committed to providing face-to-face instruction as much as possible during this pandemic, even in-person classes will require some remote learning in order to provide reduced classroom populations for social distancing. More online classes also will be offered this semester so students can minimize social exposure. To meet the laptop requirements, you can bring a laptop you already have, purchase a new laptop through the NinerTech Store or another vendor.


Common Questions

Is it okay if I don't have my immunization documents in time for SOAR?

You must submit your immunization records prior to the start of the academic year. Information on immunization requirements can be found at https://studenthealth.uncc.edu/immunizations.

How can I change the date for SOAR?

You can change your reserved SOAR date by logging back in to the reservation system with your NinerNet username and password. Should you elect to change your reserved date, an applicable session change fee will apply.

What if I don't have my final transcripts by my SOAR date? Will I still be able to register? 

We recommend that you have your unofficial transcripts available for your SOAR Live session if you have not yet submitted your official transcripts. This information will allow advisors to provide you with the most up-to-date recommendations on course sequencing for your major. While you will be able to register for courses without submitting official transcripts, you may be limited from registering for courses for which your prerequisites have not been processed with your official transcripts.

I have paid the fee but my portal says I haven't, why does it say that? 

If the registration system is stating there is a pending payment then there is still a payment due. If a payment attempt is made but the payment fails, this can show up as a pending payment within your bank account. Please reach out to soardos@uncc.edu if you have any payment questions. 

What do I do if I can't attend? 

The SOAR program is required for all new students in order to receive academic advising and register for courses. SOAR Live sessions are available throughout the summer so that you can participate from any web-enabled computer, anywhere in the world! If you have personal limitations that prevent you from completing your SOAR requirement, email soardos@uncc.edu with your name, 801#, and detailed information on why you are seeking a program exemption.

Why can't I sign up for the specific day I want? 

You are able to see the SOAR Live dates available for which your college and major are advising. If you do not see a SOAR Live date in the reservation portal, this means that your college or major are not advising or that the session is full.

I want to change my major, can I do that at SOAR?

It is highly recommended that you change your major as quickly as possible, and that you do so in advance of your SOAR session. You will complete academic requirements in the Pre-SOAR modules, prior to your SOAR Live date, so changing your major in advance ensures that you receive the correct advising information for your new major.

Why do I have a hold? 

There are a few reasons that you may have a hold on your account. If you have a SOAR Hold or Advising Hold, these will be released during your SOAR Live session so that you can register for courses within the program.

If you have an Undergraduate Admissions (UA) hold, you may need to submit additional documentation required by the University. Questions about UA holds can be directed to admissions@uncc.edu

Does it cost to change my SOAR Live date after I've completed my reservation?

Yes, there is a $20 change fee required if you have completed the reservation process and change your date.

I can't get my modules to work.

If you are having trouble logging in to Canvas, please make sure that you are logging in using your UNC Charlotte NinerNet login and password. 

If you are having any issues with the Canvas system, please see the Canvas Support Page through Information Technology Services. 

If you are having problems with your Pre-SOAR modules, please contact soardos@uncc.edu with information on what challenges you are experiencing.

If you are having any issues with web conferencing during your SOAR Live session, see our Technology FAQs for more information.

I'm a UTOP student, do I have to go to SOAR? 

Yes, the SOAR program is required for all new students. 

I was admitted for summer half term two but there are no SOAR dates available anymore, what do I do? 

If you are unable to get into sessions prior to the start of the second summer half term, please email soardos@uncc.edu with your name, 801#, and a brief explanation of your needs.

Other Questions

If you have additional questions, please contact us!

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

9201 University City Blvd. 
209 King Building
Charlotte, NC 28223-0001

Phone: 704-687-5509

Email: soardos@uncc.edu