Mission & Values


The Office of New Student and Family Services is committed to ensuring student success and inspiring #NinerPride from day one. We achieve this through innovative programs, services and opportunities focused on transition, community building, leadership development, and continuous engagement in the student and family 49er experience.

Values Statement

Within the Office of New Student and Family Services, our staff, programs, and services uphold the following values:

We exhibit our values, ethics, loyalty and trustworthiness in all actions, both seen and unseen. 

We promote an open and inclusive campus environment centered on respecting others’ thoughts, opinions and ideas. We celebrate the uniqueness of each person's identities and life experiences and how they contribute to the 49er experience.

We strive to build relationships and positively represent the University community to students, faculty, staff, and families. 

Personal Development
We challenge staff and students to better understand individuals’ strengths and weaknesses through communication, personality assessments, critical thinking, and team development. 

Team Achievement
We create opportunities for staff and students to develop relationships with others in order to accomplish collaboration, communication, accountability, spirit, and fun.

We engage in opportunities to further our knowledge and skills in order to educate and empower others.

We demonstrate #NinerPride in the University of North Carolina at Charlotte through our staff, students, programs, and services.